Hello World!

Hello all! I am one of the lucky university student to be in this wonderful program, Young Scientist Exchange Program Class of 2012-2013! My name is AFIFA AYU KOESOEMA, but you can call me FIFA for short.

I come from Bandung, a city located in INDONESIA. In Indonesia, my major is Microbiology and my university in Indonesia is one of the leading university in Indonesia named Bandung Institute of Technology. Here at Tokyo Institute of Technology I am majoring BIOENGINEERING (but the idea of what those two major have is just basically the same). I live at Umegaoka Dormitory and my laboratory is at Suzukakedai Campus, Tomoko Matsuda Laboratory.

My family is quite big, In Bandung I live with my Dad, my Mom, 2 elder sisters, and 1 younger brother. My father has its own business on architecture and consulting while my mother used to be a medical doctor but now she’s teaching biomedical engineering at my university. My eldest sister named Allya is a super witty girl. In her age of 30 she already becomes an assistant professor as well as a lecturer at Australian South of Business – University of New South Wales, Australia. My elder sister named Azisa is pursuing her master degree on sequential art at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, America. She’s a really talented comic artist. And my younger brother, the only boy in the family, named Ilham is still a junior high school student. We are also living in a same house as my aunt, she is my mom’s sister. She works as a mechanical electrical engineer (which is cool because she looks very beautiful and elegant from the outside but in fact she can deal with guy’s stuffs).

from left to right up to down : my brother, my eldest sister, father, elder sister, aunt, mother, and me 🙂

Two things that I really love besides microbiology stuff is playing music and cooking!

I can define music as my main interest because not only listening and playing music, I am also teaching and making music as well.  I can play several instruments, violin, piano, guitar, violoncello, and viola. I have experienced quite much on music from classical music orchestra until a hardcore band. In Indonesia, I am a member of an indie folk-rock band named Angsa dan Serigala, and we already have our own album sold in cassette and CD store. you can listen free to some of our music here : http://www.facebook.com/angsadanserigala?fref=ts and this is the link of our official video clip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oWap1WT-S8

I can also consider music as my job because I used to teach violin in a music school and I also became a wedding musician occasionally (I sang and play violin).

My Band Angsa dan Serigala

For cooking, I really love to cook especially cooking pastry and sweet things. Me and my sister Azisa used to own an online cake shop named Cupcupmeal (but now it’s closing down because we are all abroad). We basically sold various cupcakes and roundcake. But we were also doing some customized cupcakes and roundcake for special occasion, we even had make a 3 tiers wedding cake. You can see a bit of my shop here :  http://facebook.com/cupcupmeal

my cupcakes!

Maybe that’s all about me from now. I’m afraid that I will write too long, I really love to write too and it’s a bit unstoppable :p see you in the next post, fellows!

With tons of love,


Fifa ❤

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