Perkumpulan Pelajar Indonesia 東京工業大学 Angklung Team! <3

Hello all!  こんばんわ!

it has been awhile since my last post. I have been quite busy plus having a good time during November. My research project has started and i’ve begun some first steps (later on i will post about this) and i was still busy doing house chores, doing classes, doing several presentation tasks and progress report. and out of the school i was practicing quite hard for orchestra and also angklung team.


So this time i’m gonna tell you about Indonesian Student Association (Perkumpulan Pelajar Indonesia) 東京工業大学 Angklung Team.

Angklung is a traditional Indonesian instrument and in this team, students (some YSEP, some bachelor, some master and even some doctoral degree students) collaborate to play this instrument together.

Angklung is an instrument made from bamboo tubes and you play it by shaking it. One angklung only denotes to one musical note so if you want to play song with angklung you has to gathered some people around. One person usually will hold two or three angklung each denotes one note (based on their proficiency, some really good player can hold 3 angklung at once).

I personally think that to play good song with angklung ensamble requires good team work. You have to coordinate with other player for the timing of each note because each note is  held by different person.

this is how angklung looks like!

this is how angklung looks like!

Ok, at first when i applied on this angklung team, i thought i would be playing angklung.

But in fact, they told me to play violin! ^^ (it’s just too unseparatable from me). So the angklung team this year line up is angklung plus violin plus guitar. Well, at least i’m not the only one who play modern western instrument 😀

Making violin as an angklung accompaniment is somehow a bit tricky. Because the melody line is surely taken by angklung i have to do something else. The chord part would do quite well but then it would be a bit boring. So i have to apply my arrangement study here, i have to make some ornamentation as well. Making ornamentation is not as easy as it thought. You have to find some nice note and some nice spot for it. It has to be beautiful but still not too complex (otherwise it will overtaken the melody line) or too simple.

me accompanying angklung :)

me accompanying angklung 🙂

and other problem is most of the time we don’t use sound system while performing. And in Indonesia i’m always too spoiled with my LR Baggs pickup, my pedal board (which consist of wireless transceiver, direct box, digital delay, and harmonizer) and of course, personalized soundman to make everything better.

Here i have to perform without the assistance of those things and bring out the best of the acoustic sound of my violin. actually it’s not very hard, but still. if you get to perform outdoor and there re so many noises, it’s still quite hard to do.


despite all of those difficulties, i really love to be a part of PPI Tokodai angklung team. We had fun and we made good music together! And if you ask about our repertoires, it is not only Indonesian traditional song, but we also play some western song and japanese song! 🙂

At 23rd of November, we had the honour to play at Aoba International Lounge Matsuri (the same place where i go to Japanese class every week, so my sensei also see me, たのしかった!) we had much fun playing three songs 3 月 9 日 (it literally mean The Ninth of March, this song is One Litre of Tears Soundtrack), I have a Dream from Westlife, and Bengawan Solo. we had performance twice, one indoor and one outdoor.

indoor performa

indoor performance

outdoor performance!

outdoor performance!

the most interesting part was at Bengawan Solo, many people sing together with us. Japanese seems to love this song so much, so my angklung team’s manager made a lyrics of Bengawan Solo written in Katakana, so we can sing along together 😀

Japanese love Bengawan Solo!

Japanese love Bengawan Solo!


ベンガワン ソロ

ベンガワン ソロ


and they also gave each of us こけし (Japanese Traditional Wooden Dolls) ❤

Anyway, if you are interested of this angklung thing, you can watch our next performance this wednesday (5th of December) at TISA Welcome Party at Kuramae Hall of Tokyo Tech Front (TTF) in Ookayama Campus.


Then, catch you later, guys! Have a wonderful time.

the whole team! おつかれさまでした!

the whole team! おつかれさまでした!




Afifa Ayu Koesoema


all photo credits goes to Alfan Presekal YSEP 2012-2013 🙂 thanks buddy!

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