Winter Holiday 冬やすみ Part 2


 Hello all! How are you? If you’re following, actually yesterday i was talking about my holiday and since the posts has gone too long now i decide to write the rest of it here!


29 December :

At this day, me and Siming actually planned to go to Ueno Zoo, but on the way to Ueno Zoo we’ve just realized that the zoo was close that day. So we walked around Ueno Park. We visited temples and walk around the park. Personally i think that the park is a bit too big (but maybe because i always hate walking) and all the museums and zoo were closed that day.


Some little water pond in front of the shrine 🙂

Red Gates :)

Red Gates 🙂

Dog's Statue :)

Dog’s Statue 🙂

in front of a temple :)

in front of a temple 🙂


Unique Temple


What is this temple’s style? Not Japanese i guess.


So we moved on to Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree, definitely in the same manner as my last trip with my ITB’s friend. But this time i got more time to look around at Nakamise Shopping Street (because me and Siming both loves shopping). And by the time we reached the lobby floor of Tokyo Skytree, the light was turned on. And the view was really astonishing :’)

Nakamise Shopping Street :)

Nakamise Shopping Street 🙂

Part of Senso-ji Temple

Part of Senso-ji Temple

Fishes :)

Fishes 🙂

with Tokyo Sky Tree (again)

with Tokyo Sky Tree (again)

Lighten Up!

Lighten Up!


After that we spent some time walking at Tokyo Solamachi (a huge shopping center just under Tokyo Skytree). And we found a sale at body care and cosmetic shop (yippie!) I ended up buying a set of body lotion and fragrance with cotton candy scent :3 And anyway, i also found a Hello Kitty Official Store with a huge kitty using kimono in front of the store 🙂



Me and Kitty Chan :3

Cotton Candy Fantasies!

Cotton Candy Fantasies!

30 December :

That day was raining pretty hard, really hard. And i decided to make cakes with my room mate and just stay at home 🙂 We bought some decorations like powdered sugar, whipped cream, microwaveable cake pan, little battery powered mixer, colored sprinkles, etc. at Daiso and Tokyu Store near the station. And when we came back the rain was running really heavily (it was like the road is a bit flooded).

But we made it! Plus a Get Well Soon Cake for my dearest one (but of course he did not eat that, i split the cake with Siming :p)

Making Cakes! :3

Making Cakes! :3

and since there was still some left, we decided to give the rest for our dormitory friend. I really got full that day of only eating cake for dinner! 🙂


2 January :

Finally that day we made the Ueno Zoo plan happen. And we saw quite a loads of thing. I really love the small mammal house that contained many little primates, little and big rodentia, and cats-like-animal.




And i also really love the flamingo, they were so pink! It also surprised me to see a giant turtle.



Giant Turtle :)

Giant Turtle 🙂

But what fascinated me most was the friendly circle. At the time we arrived there, the goats and sheep were brought out to interact with the visitors. They were  so many of them Oh My God, so cute! But i thought they smell quite bad and sometimes i felt like they gonna chase me. But anyway it was so nice to play with them 🙂

Hello Goat!

Hello Goat!

Playing with Goats :)

Playing with Goats 🙂

Bunch of Goats, they are so friendly :)

Bunch of Goats, they are so friendly 🙂

After that me and Siming met Richard, Shuyin, and Mika at Shinjuku Station. We had dinner at Okinawa-styled Restaurant and did some shopping at G.U and H&M. I found a really incredible blouse with swan figure on it that only cost 300 Yen at H&M.

Can you believe that this is only 300 Yen?

Can you believe that this is only 300 Yen?

3 January

Me and Siming decided to go to Harajuku for (a real) girl shopping. When we went there with boys we just felt so guilty to keep them waiting in front of the store. Since it was only two of us, we could happily hopped from shop to shop, chasing sale items. And ended up at 5 stories Forever 21 Harajuku.

After that we had quite nice dinner at Thailand Restaurant at Harajuku. It felt so good to taste spicy foods with strong flavor after so long, you know that Japanese food is actually not that strong at taste. I ordered Tom Yum Fried Rice and Deep Fried Squid.

Plus the chance to eat coconut ice cream for dessert :9

The food was nice although it cost almost 3000 Yen. But i never really thought that i had wasted my money. I always love to eat good food, in a nice restaurant, and in the end indulge myself with dessert 🙂

At last we went back to station by passing Takeshita Dori! And at this time i found many cute clothing store. I mean, really my style, ruffles, ribbons, dress, with soft pastel color. Oh my God! I bought one really cute dress. It has white top part and collar, the skirt part has a ballerina-skirt material. I don’t know whether my boyfriend was exaggerating or not but he said that i look graceful and ballerina-like by wearing that dress.

But i think the cut would just make anyone look very decent when wearing it 🙂

Harajuku Dress :3

Harajuku Dress :3

and i really think that i should go to Takeshita Dori once a month to buy new dress, i really want to go on series of date with my boyfriend using Harajuku Style Dress. Because back home at Bandung it is not cold and we’re using car (yeah, no need to walk 20 minutes and chasing trains T_T) so i could mix match it with wedges shoes! Can’t wait! 🙂


Anyway, that was the last day of having fun, because i really think i should spend the weekends (friday-sunday) to study and catch the matter that i have missed during the holiday (i was always feeling guilty after having too much fun).

So that was my holiday story, how about yours? ❤





Afifa Ayu Koesoema

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