A road to B.Sc : Bachelor Seminar ^0^

Hello all!

Believe it or not I have finished one step to be a bachelor of science, yes, i’ve just finished my seminar, just today. Anyway I still have a loads loads of thing to do related to my degree from my final project proposal report, publication draft, translating my final thesis to Indonesian until the final bachelor defense. But, anyway, i guess one post tonight will not waste my time tonight, and I think i deserve it :p


Seminar Preparations

So actually I did not expect to do my seminar this soon, i mean, i even haven’t finished my final project proposal report. It was so out of the blue when the head of my department told me to hand out the abstract required for seminar.

Translating abstract to Indonesian was one problematic thing, but it was nothing compared to translating all of my presentation slides to Indonesian and making myself used to a lot of chemical and genetic terms in Indonesian πŸ˜€ And presenting all of the stuffs i used to talk, write and to discuss in English in Indonesian is also something difficult.

I don’t mean to brag nor saying that my English is good but once you have get used to something and do it repeatedly in some manner, it is so hard to try to do it in other way. In this case language, converting something to your own mother tongue would be somewhat problematic for me because I have talked about it in English all the past one year.

Until now i still don’t know which one is correct enantioselektivitas or selektivitas enansio? or other terms? I’m so lame~


But anyway, I successfully collected the abstract and my name was on the seminar list. Thursday, 5th of September, and i have two examiners Bu Mae and Bu Isty. I prepared making slides and well, study quite hard.

All i know is Bu Mae is the “queen of genetics in my department”, CMIIW ^^. And Bu Isty is a Japanese University doctor graduate, so she must be very sharp, witty, and meticulous. So i tried to read again about mutation and other genetic stuffs. I also have to study one chapter in Solomon Organic Chemistry about Stereospecificity, studying about the basic principle of Enzyme, Protein Structure, Random Mutagenesis, Protein Engineering, etc. etc. For a week i was surrounded by 3 gigantic books and lecture notes and PPTs, trying to rearrange all of my second and third grade lecture’s memory decently.

Presentation slides (Candy versus Green Chemistry) :D

Presentation slides (Candy versus Green Chemistry) πŸ˜€

Gigantic Books :D

Gigantic Books πŸ˜€

Anyway, one crucial point for me is the outfit. Who said that a scientist cannot dressed up nicely and pretty? πŸ™‚ I think if i had lame presentation and cannot answer question well, at least i will be salvaged by my pretty outfit so my overall performance will not be that bad! πŸ˜€ (what a shallow thinking, Afifa). So i spent an hour preparing for that, LOL. and i ended up like this in my mom’s white dress, my pink blazer bought at Mizonokuchi, and Mom’s low heeled red Ferragamo πŸ˜€ I also added heart necklace from Its Demo for the final touch (it’s not shown here).

Seminar Outfit! :D

Seminar Outfit! πŸ˜€


The night before seminar I could not sleep well, i almost got awaken every 1 hour, and I broke a glass of water placed on my end table in the middle of the night~


Seminar Day!

I had class in the morning, watched some morning session and finally prepared myself. Changing my clothes and doing a little make-ups.

Suddenly i was told that Bu Mae cannot come to the seminar and they still could not find any replacement for her and my seminar might be delayed until tomorrow.

Well, I was told that maybe I would still have my seminar today, so i have to still prepare. But my mood was already ruined by that time. But anyway I still prepare everything.

But suddenly, my supervisor bring Bu Marsel, one Biology Lecturer that I think probably also work about protein engineering. I know her quite well, since i have ever worked for her (but as a violinist not as a researcher). But again, shocking thing happened again, the middle of the presentation session, my original examiner, Bu Mae came πŸ˜€ *ohmy

Anyway i think the presentation session was quite good.

Presenting :D

Presenting πŸ˜€

But actually what worries everyone is the Q&A. Although it was not that good, i managed to answer all the student’s question.Β Bu Mae question was also quite manageable, it was about explaining about enantiomeric excess, principle of Qubit Fluorometer, and my primer. But Bu Marsel question was.. so… hard and specific.

Now i googled her and i think she also work sometimes with protein engineering too, that’s why her questions were very specific! She asked about my future plans on my enzyme, commercialization, structural change inside the protein to create an enhanced properties, the reason why enzyme properties can change when it’s overexpressed inside E. coliΒ etc.Β I was shocked, and i think she really ask me about everything, luckily the time was up (although i think she still has a lot of questions!!)

But for overall i think it was quite well and I’m sort of enjoying it (being a scientist and presenting my research) πŸ™‚

Thank you very much for all of my friends that have watched my seminar!! πŸ˜€ You are all a perfect moodbooster :* Thank you for Astrid that had searched for my abstract. Congratulations too for my fellow friends presenting today, Jeane, Cita, Afin, Navis, and Bobby, and also this week, go go Octopus! Thank you to my examiner, Bu Marsel, Bu Isty, and Bu Mae. Thank you to my supervisor, Bu PIngkan and of course Matsuda Sensei, that has been helping me understand basic concepts via e-mail :’)


I gotta go now since i have 7 AM lecture! γŠγ‚„γ™γΏοΌI will add later the picture of presenter and their supporter today after the seminar! πŸ˜€



Afifa Ayu Koesoema


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