(music) goes on

Hello! Long time no see! 久しぶりですね!

My last post was in the beginning of October and now it is already November. Well, during the past few weeks I have been struggling with examinations, some performances and music jobs, and online interview for IGP A Tokyo Tech application  😀

Ok, back to the topic of this post. (music) goes on. It seems obvious that since i came back to Indonesia, quite a big change had occur in my music world. Maybe i should not mention what’s changing, neither i think talking of this in public is appropriate (not forget to mention about all of my disappointment and heart-break).

But I am alright now! Music and life goes on! 🙂

I feel much freedom and liberty by being like this, free from any attachment  to some particular group. And i begin to realize many things, realizing how to play music in the sake of music itself, not for the sake of fame and popularity 🙂 My best friend told me that if we really play music with sincerity and heart, fame, popularity, and money will follow us automatically.

I begin to practice more too. I mean, in my current position people will not have any prejudice about me. They will not see me by whom i play with, they will not see my face or how i dress up or the popularity of my group. They will see me, only me and my music. So i have to play good 🙂

By being free, I also have plentiful opportunities to play in many communities and to learn a lot of genre! 🙂

So I guess there is nothing that I should be afraid of as long as I can still play music! 😀 And this October alone has been fabulous!

I played in a guitar concert organized by Klabklassik ” A Very Serious Guitar Concert” in the format of trio and along with Pavana Wind Quintet.

A Very Serious Guitar Concert :)

A Very Serious Guitar Concert 🙂

with Pavana Wind Quintet :)

with Pavana Wind Quintet 🙂

I had several wedding job as well, which was fun. I also got to know new community by playing on their gathering, the Asia-African Museum Reading Club Community 🙂

what I love to do in the weekend, play music on a wedding :D

what I love to do in the weekend, play music on a wedding 😀

Asia-African Museum Reading Club :D

Asia-African Museum Reading Club 😀

Campus related, I played at KM-SITH Graduation night which was also very fun and play at International Seminar on Tropical Bio-resources for Sustainable Bio-Industry Exhibition 😀

Graduation Night, i hope the next one will be my graduation night :)

Graduation Night, i hope the next one will be my graduation night 🙂

But the most important thing maybe was my breakthrough by playing jazz at jazz community (Klabjazz Bandung). I always think that playing jazz is extremely difficult (especially I am not good at non-pop improvisation). But surprisingly the debut of me and my group was not bad at all, thanks God!

So I made group with my best friend, Syarif. The group name is Syarif and His Lovely Friends, consists of Syarif playing guitar, me singing and playing violin, and Jalu playing bass guitar.

Syarif and His Lovely Friends (1) :D

Syarif and His Lovely Friends (1) 😀

Syarif and His Lovely Friends (2) :D

Syarif and His Lovely Friends (2) 😀

We played at Jazz Meeting Point 4 held by Klabjazz last 25th of October. We played 5 songs, a medley of Cinema Paradiso Soundtrack and My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music, Billie’s Bounce, One Note Samba, and Minor Swing. anyway, you can click the sound title to watch the performance video.

I guess it was a mixture of standard jazz, sweet jazz, bossa nova, and classical music 😀 Despite of the great pressure, I have managed to battle two fears, a fear of playing in outside my circle and my fear of playing jazz!

So in the end, I guess still many adventures await for me 😀 In this November I already have many plan! From collaborating with two band (Kuburan and Rotten To The Core), some performance, recording session with indie band, Teman Sebangku, and once again will be performing jazz at Jazz Nagari (Okay, I begin to like jazz!)

Everything is fine, I will survive, and music goes on! 

A loads of hugs and thank you for those who have helped me to move on, anyway 🙂


Afifa Ayu Koesoema

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