Fairy Tale & Jurig : My Story with @bandKUBURAN

Hello all! Long time no see, how are you? 🙂

This time I will talk about the collaboration that I had with Kuburan Band, since I have mentioned it in my previous post. For non-Indonesian readers, Kuburan Band is an acknowledged band in Indonesia and their most significant characteristic is their visual! Yes, the word ‘kuburan’ means graveyard in English, so they always try to dress-up in a crazy, funny, and scary costume, plus they always use scary face paint 😀 Their band performance is always extra funny and energetic! And don’t be surprised if in their performance some person dressed-up as pocong or other kind of ghost will appear… and direct the audience to dance along with the music :p


spooky isn’t it?

Apparently Kuburan wanted to record a new single which needs violin. The new single, Gengsi Selangit, has some country music touch, so they want to have country violin fill-in. Actually I am not very keen at playing country music (in fact, I’ve just learned it after they asked me to help on their recording). Although it seems easy, playing country violin is difficult for me, especially about the right hand bowing control. All the bowing seems so unusual and almost every note has to be played in a double stop.

However I think I made it. The violin fill-in inside the recording was not a professional country violin fill-in but I think it worked quite well to create the country-atmosphere, especially in the yodeling part 😀

Besides asking me to help them for their recording, they are also kind enough to invite me to play live with them :’) The performance was yesterday, 27th of November 2013 on 2 different events. First was Global Radio event at Braga City Walk, and the second was a government event (Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga) at Balai Kota Bandung. Wow, two in a row! J I’m so thrilled that I have the chance to take a picture with them, their funny costume, and of course their scary face-paint 😀

Global Radio Performance! :)

Global Radio Performance! 🙂


after the performance, with Mom!

after the performance, with Mom!


The performance was hilarious, beside the country song which I’ve filled in I also play 2 more songs. 2 medleys of Dangdut Song (Kereta Malam and Terajana), and their best hits, Lupa-Lupa Ingat 😀 And the most interesting part is they allowed me to wear my Cinderella costume, so it was like the princess inside the haunted house, LOL xD

the power of beauty salon :D

the power of beauty salon 😀

Cinderella and.. Kuburan

Cinderella and.. Kuburan

Just before our performance at Balai Kota :D

Just before our performance at Balai Kota 😀


So, I am overjoyed now, and feeling so lucky, Alhamdulillah 🙂 Not only I have the chance to collaborate with a nationally acknowledged band, I also have the chance to watch every detail about their performance. I think they are really energetic and their emotion really-really burns the audience’s mood! Even though there are so many jokes, gimmicks, and scenarios inside the performance, I just feel like they are doing it spontaneously and it just flows naturally! J And I could also see their consistency and dedication, I mean for many years they always played with face-paint that they do by themselves, and specially designed costume for each performance. I really think that all this 12 years they always play music whole heartedly and that what made them a big band that touched so many people’s heart 😀 (including me)

So, thank you very much for inviting me to play together with you Kakak-Kakak Kuburan, this is such a precious experience for me! Thank you Kak Raka, Kak Udhe, Kak Priya, Kak Aum, Kak Denny, and Kak Priya. See you in the next gigs! ❤

And dear readers,  I’m looking forward for your response towards Gengsi Selangit single, as soon as it’s being launched in local radio! ❤

With love

Afifa Ayu Koesoema

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