me and my headband❤

Hello dear readers 🙂

The topic for today is a bit feminine.. i would like to talk about… headband!


maybe if you have ever seen me in person, you must know that i wear this particular accessories a lot! And the picture above? It’s a special headband hanger in my room and probably it’s less than one third of my collection. That’s true, i’m really fond of headband and i collect it 🙂 From simple proper headband, one with huge ribbon on it, pearl headband until mickey mouse and bunny headband! 🙂

To be a bit knowledgeable, the history of headband can be dated back as old as the Ancient Greek times. At that time, it was made out from wreaths from olive branches. The main purpose of that hairband was to give prize to the winning athletes in the Olympics. Later on, some gold or silver were used to modified the hairband to become more decorative.

a gold wreath at Ancient Greek time :)

a gold wreath at Ancient Greek time 🙂

Hairband continued evolving to become a kind of accessories and in 1800s women started to accentuated their style by decorating their hair with headbands combined with jewelry, feather, etc.

Furthermore, in 1960s headbands were more associated with hippy-style fashion and it usage became more popular for both women and men. Flower-power youth also made their headbands out of wild flowers, ribbons, silk, and scarves.

Hippie style headband

Hippie style headband

The final transformation of headbands happened in the 1990s. Headbands were considered more as a serious, elegant, and fashionable fashion accessories that we all know today!

Nowadays, i think that this kind of accessories in Indonesia is not that popular for daily usage 😀 Wondering why I still insist of wearing it?

1. it saves you from bad hair day, having a bad hair day? this pretty little thing will mostly saved you, at least people’s attention will be drawn to your hairband first then your awful hair.


this little attention-seeker will help you to get through your bad hair day 😀

2. It differentiates you from other girl, everyone wants to be different of course 🙂 wearing this headband increases my confidence and wearing an unique enough headband will make you stand out from the crowd!

do you notice me with a wide red headband?

do you notice me with a wide red headband?

3. It’s cute, feminine, and fashionable, most of the time I like to wear a cute headband, it gives you enough femininity but it is not too old fashioned until you are not fashionable anymore. Let’s say, ribbon, laces, flowers, button, and splash of pastel color, all combined together, cuteness overload!

splash of orange in my look by my headband :)

splash of orange in my look by my headband 🙂

4. It’s a powerful accessories, a certain kind of headband can stand by itself so we don’t have to add more accessories. A simple outfit and unique headband is enough to make a stunning looks! 🙂

this is a really big headband and it can stand by itself :p

this is a really big headband and it can stand by itself :p

5. One accessories for all headband can be used in various circumstances, so it is really magical ^^

When you need an elegant look for formal occasion you can try to use a pearl or shiny headband.

formal? try this on!

formal? try this on!

For everyday usage, hairband can be worn as a simple means to removing fly-away hairs from your face, it’s casual but beautiful. You can get that simple look by using horseshoe-shaped band called Alice band with various color or the one with small ribbon on it.

simple pink ribbon for daily usage

simple pink ribbon for daily usage

If you want to look fancy? (like i do most of the time) use a headband with big and colorful ribbon on it! I used most of my gigantic ribbon or flower headband  for music performance. Want to be extra fancy? don’t hesitate to try wearing Minnie mouse hairband or bunny hairband for special occasion!

a big ribbon (again)

a big ribbon (again)

pink roses!

pink roses!

grey flower!

grey flower!

As we all know, headband is an accessories that has undergone an astounding evolution, from a rustic items back in the Ancient Greek era into a fashion icon common in the 21st century! So I believe, just like eternal fashion accessory such as shoes or purse, headband tradition will never vanish and continue evolving. And who knows that someday this accessory will be a staple, not a minor accessory anymore in fashion industry? So girls, keep being beautiful, keep wearing headband!❤


Afifa Ayu Koesoema

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