Margo Friday Jazz!

Hello everyone, haven’t posted for such a long time!

In this post I will talk about Margo Friday Jazz!

Margo Friday Jazz!

Margo Friday Jazz!


Anyway, last friday me and Bandung String Trio had performance at Margo Friday Jazz. Margo Friday Jazz is an event held regularly by Margo City, Depok and pioneered by Benny Likumahuwa. We were performing under Klabjazz, Klabjazz had performed several times at this event and this time Klabjazz brought 5 bands. Bandung String Trio, Isola Jazz, E.I.P., Jazzy Juice, and Out of Seven.

Since Jalu could not make it, Me and Syarif were helped by Mbak Arnie from Jazzy Juice. She has helped us a lot, thank you Mbak Arnie! It was really interesting and challenging.In addition of only having this trio concept (without drum), we knew perfectly well that me and Syarif were relatively new in this jazz world.

And you know, my improvisation is not all jazzy, it still contains my sweet-pop style. I am not very keen on difficult scale, nor i’m good at doing that 😀


For overall, i really enjoyed the performance 😀 The sound was really good, although we was a bit rushing since we were departing late from Bandung. BST performed fat 9 PM but at 9 PM the bus were still sort of stuck at traffic near Margonda City ^^ We departed at 5 PM (which was way too late) although i was a bit worried we still could take selfie inside the bus hahaha 😀



We were late and there was not time for make-up. But due to that I’ve managed to put on my make-up on a pitch darkness inside a rocking bus without ended up looking like lady-Frankenstein or something 😀 I even put the eye liner correct, without mirror 😀 And it matched my sailor blouse in attempt to look like JKT 48 (which was later a TOTAL REGRET because it was too thick for Depok weather, even at 9 PM)


Photo from, courtesy of Dwi Cahya Yuniman, Klabjazz

Photo from, courtesy of Dwi Cahya Yuniman

BST performance was quite decent, i think. Despite the fact that we were a bit panicking and i made up half of One Note Samba‘s lyric by myself i think the other part was more than passable.

We had Saint Thomas by Sonny Rollins, which was really enjoyable and i think me and Syarif now really had much better connection through the solos. You can see the video here.

After that was Barbizone Blues. Quite decent I guess, the thing was i’m not so into Blues so i don’t really know whether my improvisation sounds really right or not. And then my favorite Isn’t She Lovely which was really fiery and for the last piece was Panon Hideung 😀

For overall i think it was quite well done, despite the fact that we were lacking of practice. And I am really happy to be invited there 😀 Based on the review that we had on, i think we have nailed it! You can see the positive review and encouragement here. I really adore Mas Riady’s writing, very few website could report their event as good as this in English! 😀 and for more photos of BST and other performers you can just go to the photo stream here.

After performance, I've got rid of my sailor blouse :D

After performance, I’ve got rid of my sailor blouse 😀


For other band’s performance. I will do a short simple review, based on my own memory. After our performances, we stayed there and watched the other 4 performances. E.I.P was up next, I could recall that they sounds a bit rock-ish and edgy. Isola Jazz followed E.I.P, this group was from UPI majoring music l 😀 I really like the saxophone, though since I always want to learn an alto 😀 Their performance was fiery in most of the songs but still could be relaxing at the same time.

Next up was Jazzy Juice, i always love their performance and now they even had made their own song. Each of the personnel made a song. Their first song was enchanting, with a bit of classical touch on the piano (way to go Kak Dyah) PLUS a sundanese poem read by Mbak Arnie. Surprisingly the title of the song was Pohaci, it made me laugh so hard 😀 So funny!

The last performer was Out of Seven and they collaborated with Sherly O singing All of Me and I could notice that their drummer was really young, probably a high school student. Way to go! After Out of Seven was jamming session and everything finally ended up at 2 AM. Plus photo session with Benny Likumahuwa, geez, he was really friendly!

Dead tired but feeling over the moon!


So, my conclusion? It was really really interesting to go to other jazz community and play music there. Since I am new in this jazz world (and soon will leave it too), I am grateful that I am able to participate in this kind of events. I can see many new things, meet new friends, hear a really cool and proper jazz solos, and everything! And I could see that every band had their own influences inserted into their jazz. Like BST, probably we still brought classical-influence and sweet-pop style. Like E.I.P they certainly had some rock inside. It was so interesting to see the blend, to see each band has its own distinctive characteristic.

And I like it that although we stayed until 2 AM, only some people smoke and none of them drink alcohol. Really mature and different from Indie Band atmosphere which was full of toxic fumes intoxicating you and sometimes free-flowing alcohol is present.

And of course, I am certain that my musical skill raised 100%, LOL. Inside my former so-called-famous-indie band, I really only have to repeat same part for every performance, no improvisation, no spontaneity, at all.


Although i still love girl bands, techno musics and other stuffs (you know, stuffs that Syarif always believes should be ban in this world, LOL).

But hey, I’m not as lame as I was before, I’ve began to like jazz and hey I’m a jazz player and bossa-nova singer as well! ❤


No matter what color you are, you are a part of our jazz community.



I’ve dedicated this amorous writing for  Klabjazz, Margo Friday Jazz, and Jazzuality ❤ Also loads of thanks goes to my BST, E.I.P., Isola Jazz, Out of Seven and Jazzy Juice!


With love


Afifa Ayu Koesoema


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