The Magical Walt Disney World (2)

Hello all, this is my second post about Walt Disney World! 😀

If in my previous post i’ve told you about the resorts where I’ve stayed it’s the time to talk about the Disney’s Park! Yeay!


the image of 4 Walt Disney World Park!

Walt Disney World has 4 theme parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studio, and Disney’s  and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We only had 3 days in Walt Disney World so we only visited 2 from its 4 park, Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studio. I went to Epcot 20 years ago (so I really could not recall anything) but basically it was like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (but the scope was international, so the displays are from various countries, not only America). For Disney’s Animal Kingdom? We were not too fond of outdoor and animal-related activity, at least we can do it outside Disney World.


Magic Kingdom

This is my dream park! Everything related to fairy tale and classic Disney tale is here! And I made use of this precious opportunity to blend with this park, trying to be a part of this park. A part of this park?  Yes, I dressed up as a Cinderella!


Let me be a princess for one day~

I know I’m already 22 years old and a (supposed to be) serious and dedicated Bioengineering master student candidate. But, hello, I’ve travelled for thousand miles to get here, from east to west and through a bloody long and exhausting flight. So why waste this opportunity?

So I managed my ultimate dream, posing as a Cinderella in front of a real Cinderella castle! I was also quite proud with my make-up, I think it was better than the Bibbidi Bobbidi’s Boutique makeup. I was overjoyed, and everytime I entered shop or attraction the shopkeeper said ‘Hello Princess’ to me. Even little girl stared jealously because of my perfect costume, LOL. Too bad I could not make an exceptional salon-standard hairdo to finish my princess look.

And I think my family was also happy because they did not have to queue if they want to take a picture with Disney’s character, they can just take a picture with me, LOL.

My family, there are cinderella and maleficent :D

My family, there are cinderella and maleficent 😀


So, talking about the park, this park is divided into 5 main areas. Main Street USA, Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, Fantasy Land, and Tomorrow Land.

Since we only spent half days in this park, we emphasized on attraction originated specifically from this park. We skipped some attractions that we had experienced in Paris, Hongkong, and Tokyo. We did a little shopping at Main Street USA, and went directly to Fantasy Land for photo session (LOL).

The fantasy Land brought up Bavarian Architecture and with its medieval setting it felt like its really inside a fairy tale. In fantasy land we rode It’s a Small World (so classical), and Peter Pan’s Flight. There were many small parks ideal for photoshooting as a Princess as well as every Princess grotto where we can do meet and greet with other Princess (LOL), unfortunately due to the limited time we could not make it. If I could visit this park once again I would really want to spend whole day inside Fantasy Land 😀


It's a Small World After All (2)

It’s a Small World After All 

Peter's Pan Flight!

Peter’s Pan Flight!

In Liberty Square we rode the Haunted Mansion (believe me it was not scary, at all, even for me) and we did study a little bit of American Presidency History in The Hall of Presidents. Of course my Dad was truly happy, he’s so into American Presidency.

near the haunted mansion :D

near the haunted mansion 😀

20140506_100852 20140506_101342

Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion!

Show from all of USA Presidents

Show from all of USA Presidents


In Adventure Land we rode Pirates of the Carribean and The jungle Cruise. This section of the park is designed to resembles jungle and island condition in Africa and Southern America.

around Jungle Adventure

around Jungle Adventure

Pirates of the Caribbean Properties :D

Pirates of the Caribbean Properties 😀

We managed to get so many attractions in only half a day, thanks to our resort-complimentary fastpass. The fastpass allows us to book 3 pass for 3 ride at once and set the entrance time respectively. Once our fastpass has ran out we can book another 3 pass for another 3 ride online with Disney World mobile application or in a counter.

We planned to have our lunch at Be My Guest Restaurant (the newest restaurant with Beast’s Castle setting) but it was too crowded. We also planned to ride the The Seven Dwarves roller coaster, unfortunately it was still under trial period.


Disney’s Hollywood Studio

The second park that we visited was Disney’s Hollywood Studio, this park was built more to commemorate Hollywood work heyday of 1930s. This park was known all over the world for its signature giant mickey’s sorcerer hat.

The Sorcerer's Hat :)

The Sorcerer’s Hat 🙂

also the main icon of Disney Hollywood Studio :)

also the main icon of Disney Hollywood Studio 🙂



In this park we did not visit much but we had a lot of fun. First we visited The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Boulevard, a journey about Hollywood movie development.

The Great Movie Ride!

The Great Movie Ride!

one of the setting inside The Great Movie Ride

one of the setting inside The Great Movie Ride

We proceed to Echo Lagoons area and watched the great Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular which was really spectacular! It really gave me illustration about how movie stunt was performed.  In addition to that, we also rode Star Tours-The Adventures Continue, although it was a usual 3D simulator but it was really fun! My brother bought a customized light saber and we did a little duelling outside the attractions 😀


Coruscant Senate!


Light Saber!


We were also having fun at The Streets of America, recreating photograph that we took 20 years ago and had a peek also at Honey I Shrunk the Kids : Movie Set Adventure.


Honey I Shrunk the Kid 🙂


The Streets of America (1)


That day we went back to the hotel using boat, again in the purpose of recreating our photographs 20 years ago~


inside the boat!

So that was my story in Walt Disney World. What can I tell? I really adore Walt Disney for his ability to create such a magical theme park! I believe that everyone will feel the magical atmosphere in Disneyworld, everyone, no matter how old they are 😀

So I really wish I could go there again someday 🙂


Loads of magic and love



Afifa Ayu Koesoema


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