I’m coming back Japan!

Finally this is the day!! 24th of September 2014 and I’m coming back to Japan!!


So, this time I’m going to pursue my Master and Doctoral Degree in International Graduate Program (A) majoring Bioengineering in Matsuda Laboratory in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. I’m thrilled yet very nervous, since my program is an integrated Master and Doctoral program, it will take 5 years to be completed.

Some people said that 5 years is such a long time to be spent in one place. Some of them worried that i might get bored, some of them also worried about my love life. Since I am gonna focus in a totally rigour higher education, I guess they think i’d forget about love and marriage. LOL.

But I believe this is the best way for me and I have plenty of reasons to support the argument. Since my career aim is to be an academic , i should pursue the fastest way to reach my Doctoral degree and further start my career. I also want to be an expert in one kind of field (in my case : enzyme engineering), that’s why i have decided to pursue master and doctor in the same place, to get a crystal clear understanding about my own field 🙂 And the last reason? I love Japan! The culture, the people and everything (but especially the food, fashion, and cute things) I wouldn’t mind spending years in Japan! ❤

Although i know I am still my Mommy’s and Daddy’s little princess (look, he’s also coming to Japan with me right now… with Mom, as always) i think my previous one year experience had given me confidence to live by myself, although the stake is higher right now. The difficulty of my research will doubled yet i really have to get along with a completely independent life (by living in apartment instead of dormitory). But, i think (and i hope) that I can excel everything! 🙂

I am also planning to try new kind of activities in Japan. I’m going to play with Khatulistiwa (a Tokyo-based Indonesian ethnic band). I might also reenter the orchestra or trying to follow some jazz bands. I also might want to find part time job, maybe as a music teacher (hurry up Afifa, get your ABRSM diploma! so you can be a legit teacher).

I want to live my new life, career, music and love to the fullest! 🙂

Now we’re going to the downside.

Do i have some anxiety and uncertainty? OF COURSE.

I’ve said this gazillion times but Bandung is really my comfort zone! Bandung is the place where my beloved family and friends live. Bandung is the place where I’ve started my career. I’ve done so many things in Bandung, from being an owner of a cupcakery, teach english, play music, play band, and so on. It’s really hard to leave a place where you have felt comfortable and it’s really hard to leave a place where you have gotten acknowledgment.

And of course, it is really difficult to build a new life in Tokyo, you have to start from the scratch again. Building network, finding friends, and trying to get recognition again. It’s such a hard work but i’ve gotta try for it 🙂

I have to move out from my comfort zone 😀 I have to be able to strive wherever I am!

I guess though i have some (MANY) anxieties and fear i have to keep moving on! I have to be grateful of this opportunity, not all people can go to school in one of the best university in Asia for free :’) I have to try to look at the positive side and try to reap benefit as much as i can from this education opportunity! 🙂



I want to say thank you to those who have been a true friend for me during my time in Indonesia. Everyone who had fought together with me, share every happiness and sadness with me. I am definitely no one without your support right now, so I want to say thank you from the deepest part of my heart :’)

Thank you Mom, Dad, Mbak Allya, Mbak Azisa, Ilham, and De for being the best family for me,  my big family in Bandung and Surabaya especially Mas Rafdi and Rio, my lectures in ITB especially from Microbiology Department,  Pak Gede, Bu Pingkan, and Bu Dea; my fellow friend of SITH ITB 2009 and Microbiology ITB class of 2009; my seven year duet and bestfriend Mas Syarif; Klabklassik friend, Ammy Alternative String friends, PEP fellow teachers and students also various Bandung Indie Band (4 Peniti, Mocca, Beside, Kuburan, and all); my music teachers Mas Ammy, Pak Krishnan, and Pak Oerip Without you I will never be like this 🙂



I hope I will see you again in the next five years, and by the time I would already be Doctor Afifa Ayu Koesoema! 🙂


With loads of love


Afifa Ayu Koesoema


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