Update: My first baby publication!

Hello there,

Almost exactly a year after I have posted in this blog. Things have been pretty busy from Russia (September 2018) until now.

But for now, things are getting (a little bit) calmer. Especially after I have published my first paper entitled Structural basis for a highly (S)-enantioselective reductase towards aliphatic ketones with only one carbon difference between side chain in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.


You can visit and download it from the journal home-page here if your institution has a subscription.

If you do not have access, please look at this view-only version kindly provided by Shared It functions of Springer Nature.



So what had happened in between October 2018 and now?

So basically, after Russia, I went back to Japan and was busy trying to help my Sensei in organizing our conference. It was a wrap as my first oral presentation at an international conference.

The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan

The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan (the student committee head is sitting on the left, lol)


Answering question from Professor Harald Gröger ❤

I was also able to deposit my protein crystal structure in the Protein Data Bank. Thank you Professor Toshiya and Miki Senda, finally we did it!


My last day in Tsukuba!

After that, I went to a two months internship at Professor Daron M. Standley laboratory in BIKEN Osaka University to study about docking simulation and a little bit of molecular dynamics simulation. It was a very nice break!


My last day at Osaka University!

After that, I came back to Tokyo to focus on writing on my publication. To make a very long and “interesting” story very short, I am here right now. Successfully publishing one paper and having my protein structure deposited in PDB. Alhamdulillah.

I am thankful to God that although I shattered pretty bad, but I was able to recollect myself. I am thankful to God that He has given me the power of not giving up.


So what’s for now, bunny?

Currently, I am waiting for the review of another original article, and just waiting for the timing to submit two other original articles.

To make again a very long story short, I have decided to extend my study period until March 2020. I am still working on a book chapter, a mini-review as well as my thesis. Meanwhile, as a research assistant, I have a collaboration project that I need to do. Not to forget about the job-hunting! Seems like it is going to be a busy last semester.


With love,


Afifa Ayu Koesoema




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