Afifa Ayu Koesoema is a 28 years old final-year Doctoral student at Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring Bioengineering in Integrated Graduate Program (A). She’s researching about Enzyme Mutagenesis and Bio-organic Reaction at Matsuda Laboratory as well as being a member of The Chemical Society of Japan.


She was a proud owner of Cupcupmeal online cake shop. As she has a huge passion for teaching, she was an English teacher at Private English Program Bandung.

In Bandung, she is a member of Bandung String Trio a jazz group from Bandung and Ammy Alternative Strings. She also becomes additional violinist for several Indonesian Indie Band, such as KuburanMocca, and Muezza. She was an active member of Klabklassik Classical Music Community, occasionally being wedding singer and musician.


She actively do home recording, and you can see her soundcloud and youtube by clicking these following links.

Please kindly follow her twitter @afifaayu and instagram @afifaayu as well as following this blog! 🙂

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