Biocatalysis-related Conferences Review [Domestic]

Hello everyone!

It is the obon holiday here in Japan, I have just finished labwork today, though. Catching up some wet-lab datas so I can go back to Indonesia for summer vacation peacefully ^^ This week, I would like to share about the review of biocatalysis-related conferences that I have been to (since some of my kouhai ask me about this as well)!

For the convenience of the post-length, I would like to share only my domestic conferences experience in this post. So, conferences in Japan are mainly held by certain society (yearly or biennially). Do expect a quite formal atmosphere (only suit is acceptable, i guess), and sessions mainly held in Japanese (although people are encourage to use English more and more).

Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Annual Meeting

link, next conference : March 2019, Kobe.

Japanese name : 日本化学会年会

In a glimpse : One word for this annual meeting, it is a really huge! It is held every Spring by Chemical Society of Japan. Every aspect of chemistry will be discussed in this conference. Conferences are usually held for 4 days with sessions held in parallel.

The conference location will always move from year to year. It rotates from Kanto (mostly Chiba, Nihon University) to Kansai, and to Yokohama

Attendances : 4 times, all oral A presentation (7 minutes presentation, 3 minutes Q&A)

Personal experience :

CSJ 2015 (Nihon University, Chiba) and CSJ 2016 (Doshisha University, Kyoto)

CSJ 2017 (Keio University, Yokohama) and CSJ 2018 (Nihon University, Chiba)

My experience attending this conference is always as an oral speaker. The one that i haven’t tried is oral B (20 minutes in total, only for PhD students 2nd and 3rd year).

I am almost always attending only the day where the biocatalysis sessions are held. Most of the presentations are in Japanese, still. So if you want to engage more, it is better to have Japanese ability. Because of the time limitation and scale of the conference, to be honest I did not really receive a lot of feedback from this conference.

If you have time to go to the poster session, I guess you can engage more! But do remember that the scale of the poster session is quite huge. If your research also involves new methodology you can also join the ATP (Advanced Technology Program Session). The next conference? I should go with oral B, I guess (20 minutes presentation).


The Society of Biocatalysis Japan : Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan

link, next conference : December 2018, Yokohama

Japanese name : 生体触媒化学シンポジウム

In a glimpse : Quite different from the huge society of Chemistry Society of Japan, the Society of Biocatalysis Japan offers more “homey” and warm atmosphere. My academic supervisor is a member of this society.  This society board members are only around 25 Professors altogether with people from industry, so it is more like a “family gathering” :). This conference is held every year (around winter) for 2 days.

Attendances : twice, 1 oral presentation (20 minutes in total) and 1 poster presentation

Personal experiences : 

Oral presentation

Oral presentation at 第18回生体触媒化学シンポジウム@ Tokyo

My experience as oral presenter was 2 years ago, when the conference was held in Meisei University, Tokyo (near Sanrio Puroland, lol). It was really thrilling since I use  English for my presentation language despite the conference was 100% held in Japanese that time (even now my Japanese is not enough for formal academic presentation, yet). The hall was quite big and inside the student session I was the only foreigner Doctoral 1st year presenter >.<  Nevertheless, I felt very honored to be the representative of my laboratory that time (one laboratory can only give only delegation).

Feedback was quite good, I think my Sensei gave me the opportunity for this to boost my confidence and train me to present big data (it was my first time presenting all my mutant library data orally).

Poster presentation

Poster presentation at 第19回生体触媒化学シンポジウム@Sasebo

The following year i participate again as poster presenter (I started a new research topic so I still have few datas that time). The feedback was way better, I think that was  the best poster session that I had so far 🙂 The conference this year was held in Sasebo, Nagasaki (so as expected the attendee decrease). Although the venue was remote, it was really beautiful. One more tips, the mixer (懇親会, in Japanese) is a very good way for networking and looking for your next academic position, tee-hee.

IMG_0594the most beautiful mixer venue, ever.


By the way, actually my academic supervisor is hosting the next conference, The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan. Indeed, this is a great responsibility and seems like this year gonna be BIG, with BIG names coming, lol.

But I am all pumped up for this and ready to be my supervisor’s sidekick!

Up to now I have learned so many things even from the preparation. For example : how to keep a good Minutes of Meeting (MoM), how to write sponsorship invitation letter in Japanese, how to write the content of conference website, until how to order poster in publisher in Japan 😀

Nonetheless, this will be my last contribution for my laboratory, before graduating I hope I can give my best!

I will keep you updated for the next update of this conference, we are almost launching the website and flyer! I will also give you another story for my international conference experiences next week, so stay tune! 🙂




Afifa Ayu Koesoema



Kyoto 2016 : Maiko Dress-up Experience

Hello! Really long time no see :3

I was really busy with my research lately, but this week I have a “legal spare time, lol. I will attend a the annual meeting of Chemical Society of Japan in Kyoto, and since I have morning presentation I can go the day before. Since conference has not started yet today, so I have the opportunity to stroll around!


Because i have visited most of the notable temples in Kyoto.

This time I will only want to treat myself with a… Maiko Dress-up Experience! ❤


*that was me, really


In case you want to try the same experience with me, I will give you explanation in detail!


What is Maiko and Why?

Maiko is a women that perform dance, sings and traditional instrument for visitors during feast. Maiko is the apprentice geiko and usually aged 15-20 years.

Their appearance is always very beautiful to me, all white make-up with a detail of red and pink. Beautiful hair style with enchanting hairpiece and of course the kimono! ❤

Right now in Kyoto, there are many shops that offer Maiko Dressing-up Experience for tourists. So that is why, right now it is very common for normal people to have one day experience dress-up as a Maiko.


Okay, so how do you select the right shop?

The shop that i chose is Maica. in Gion, Kyoto Basically I just typed “Maiko dress-up in Kyoto” using google and found this shop. The website has quite good English explanation and prices are also reasonable. They have variety of package so that you can choose which one suits your budget the most.

The package that i chose is “Okigaru” Plan, right now on sale for 6500 JPY (excluding tax). This package cover make-up, hair, kimono rental, wig rental (you can only choose whole wig), hair accessories rental, one studio photograph (printed in B5 size), and one hour of free photo time inside the house.

If you want to do longer, they also have package including walking outside (Gion area) or even guided tour to farther temple, but it also comes with higher price.




It is actually described well here, but I will just retell you my own version.

Upon arrival we will have to fill a short form (it has English, don’t worry, generally all staffs can speak English quite well!). We will be given plastic bag for our shoes and we are escorted to the third floor. Photography is forbidden at third floor and during make-up and dressing-up process 😦

First thing is kimono selection, although Okigaru plan has limited kimono selection, it is still all very beautiful for me. After that, we have to pay (please note purchase under 10.000 JPY has to be paid in cash). We will then be escorted to the second floor where we have to put all of our camera-related thing in a safety deposit box. After that we will go to the locker room to store our other belongings and change to kimono inner wear and room socks. *we have to pay 200 JPY for the locker

Then… make-up time (which was fast, they just paint our face white with little pink and red detail). Honestly it was really thrilling because they don’t put MIRROR in the make-up room! After make-up then wig placement, which was… heavy, really heavy. And finally, kimono!! There were so many layers, so so so so many and they just keep tightening it more and more 😦


Tada! Suddenly I transformed into Maiko!

And after that, photo time! One studio photograph was taken and if you come alone (like me) the staffs will help us to take picture (Up to 5 pictures). Other than that we can just explore the house by ourselves and selfie stick is allowed. Although it is small, almost every parts of the house are beautiful with classic Japanese decoration.


Full body picture with the help of the staff


Beautiful neck detail


Tea ceremony, one of my most favorite picture!


The studio photograph 🙂

Oh, i forget to mention that you can wear contact-lenses for the make up and also don’t worry about the make-up, it is actually light. You can remove it without ease using any kind of makeup remover you bring, they will also help you to remove the neck makeup.


I was really satisfied with my experience in Maica! I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a beautiful Maiko? <3<3 Staffs are friendly and helpful (and they keep praising me for my Japanese speaking, lol). I discovered that actually being Maiko is really tough. It was tough with all of those tight kimono (it was even hard to kneel down and get up again) and that heavy wig? Honestly, i feel tortured, yes maybe beauty is pain ^^



That’s all for today’s post!

I hope that i will have successful presentation tomorrow! ❤ enjoy Spring break, everyone!




Afifa Ayu Koesoema



Sanrio Puroland!

Hello everyone and happy golden week! 🙂

So yesterday I went to Sanrio Puroland with my bestfriend Hilda. And since we are sort-of a Sanrio-addict we were really-really excited! We even managed time to get the same dress for this particular occasion.

Before I told you about our adventure there, let me give you a general information for this park.

So, what’s Sanrio Puroland?

Outer Look of Sanrio Puroland!

Inner look of Sanrio Puroland!

Definitely from the name it is an all Sanrio-character theme park located at Tama City, Tokyo. It is located just a short walk from the South Exit of Odakyu Tama Center Station (Odakyu-Tama Line). You can basically meet any Sanrio character there from the famous Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars, to the little known ones like Monkichi (or it’s just me that don’t know Monkichi?).

In my opinion this park is really popular for Japanese (but we spotted some foreigner, though) and popular for toddlers and children (though we also spotted other grown up women, mainly come in pair with twin dress, just like me and Hilda). It was Golden Week so the park was kinda fully packed with people, but it’s indoor and the queuing is nothing like Disneyland, so don’t worry!

What’s the main event currently held there?

When we came, Sanrio Puroland also celebrates My Melody 40th Anniversary (geez, she’s that old). So they made special shop for her and the theme is just all for her! Good for me as a huge Melody fans!

    IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3519 IMG_3561


What’s the main attraction there in Sanrio Puroland?

Character Boat Ride

The boat ride is the first thing you will see at the entrance. During the first half of the ride you will get an overall introduction of all Sanrio Characters. During the second half of the ride you will see them all inside Hello Kitty’s Party! The decoration and character are so cute, you can even smell cinnamon when you see the cinnamon roll!

IMG_3375 IMG_3376 IMG_3377 IMG_3381 IMG_3384 IMG_3390

Lady Kitty House

Next thing up is Lady Kitty House. But please note that Lady Kitty is not Hello Kitty (Kitty White), Lady Kitty is actually Rose White, Hello Kitty’s Grandmother. How can you see the difference? Rose White wears rose instead of red ribbon!

But the house itself is super cute and magnificent! You can go inside the house, look around all the cute stuffs, take picture, and in the end take picture with Lady Kitty :3 (but you will have to pay 1600 Yen more to get your photo printed). You will be greeted by Lady Kitty’s baby grand piano upon arrival and after that you can see Lady Kitty’s huge teddybear, her make-up, her dress collection, her bed, and everything!

It’s definitely a perfect place to take pictures!

IMG_3411 IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3459 IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3407 IMG_3405 IMG_3410

And this is me and my twinnie official picture with Lady Kitty Rose ❤


Kiki & Lala – Twinkling Tour

This adorable twin is also my favorite and they also have attraction related to Kiki and Lala! Inside the Twinkling Tour you will watched a video about their born and also why did they descend to earth 😀 You will also learn about Kiki and Lala’s magical power and about a cloud machine that can grant anything that you wish for!

After we’ve finished watching the video, we will walk inside Kiki and Lala’s cloud house, it’s very cute!

IMG_3460 IMG_3462 IMG_3463 IMG_3464 IMG_3470 IMG_3479

And of course, a photo with Kiki and Lala 🙂


My Melody and Kuromi – My Meroad Drive

My Meroad Drive is another attraction hosted by My Melody and Kuromi. You can ride a very cute melody vehicle and the attraction mainly tell you about My Melody’s birth. The ride itself is only about 3 minutes but we have to wait for 1 hour for that, however, it is still worth it.

Any Musical, Parade or Character Greeting?

Yes, they are. But we did miss the parade and character greeting, though. Due to golden week, they did not have character greeting for main character (Hello Kitty, Melody, etc.) but only for some minor unknown character. But the musical, Hello Kitty in Wonderland is really excellent! Kitty is helping Kyle to search for Heart Queen’s lost heart (which was stolen by Joker, but Jack was the culprit).

You can watch it in youtube just search for ‘Hello Kitty in Wonderland (Sanrio Puroland)’ (but I think the feeling will be different than watching it directly)

IMG_3480 IMG_3484 IMG_3488 IMG_3485

What i love the most of the musical is the song with very touching lyrics : 君にがいる大好きな家族、どんなに喧嘩しても、愛してる :’) (You have your loving family and no matter how hard you fight or have quarrel with each other, you will still love each other :’)

How about the shopping experience?

It is definitely a shopping paradise for Sanrio lover! :3 They have so many stores, like store special for Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars. But we explored the biggest one located near the main entrance, it had the combination of all characters! They basically sold everything related to Sanrio. From common things like doll, accessories, until shoes, bag, and even trunk!

IMG_3523 IMG_3524

I ended up buying three Melody-related things. One stuffed toy (but not the LLL size probably only the L size), one melody-shaped tupperware, and one Melody transparent bag 🙂

11059580_10206681200334512_1102533200202944231_n 11182201_10206681200854525_6456563653960417373_n

So, in overall?

I rated it 10 out of 10 (because i’m a Sanrio maniac, lol) 😀 I really want to come again later when it’s not Golden week, so we can get more photos with the main character!


See you sooner or later, Sanrio Puroland! ❤


Afifa Ayu Koesoema


Summer Vacation 夏休み2013

Hello all! 🙂

Finally a little spare time in this Sunday evening and finally I can write about my summer vacation. I spent my summer vacation on Japan with my family (mom, dad, and little brother). Actually they came there to picked me up but we still managed to had some vacation as well 😀

We spent a week around Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Well, actually we went mostly to places where I had been before, so i will only tell you some of memorable moments with my family 😀

Family Shinkansen Ride

This was super fun! 😀 For my brother, it was his first ride of Shinkansen! And he was so happy!

my little brother and the Shinkansen that we rode

my little brother and the Shinkansen

before departing! :)

before departing! 🙂


Mom and Dad 😀 Dad is very proud with his 東工大 T-shirt! 😀

But this ride was also memorable because there was an earthquake when we rode the Shinkansen. Although i did not feel the quake but the power supply suddenly went off because they cut off the electricity, the train immediately slowed down to a complete stop for 10 minutes >.<

Anyway, on the way back to Tokyo we got N700 Shinkansen 😀 so my brother was happier 😀

Shinkansen Series N700, the best line up of JR West Shinkansen!

N700, the king up of JR West Shinkansen!

cute bento :3

cute bento :3

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living 

Remember this museum? Where we are able to wear yukata and walk around in an Edo Period settings? Although i’ve been here together with my sister but this time was more special because there were 4 of us.

Yukata! ^0^

Yukata! ^0^

me and my little brother :D

me and my little brother 😀

my beautiful Mom and handsome Dad :)

my beautiful Mom and handsome Dad 🙂

I hope someday, the whole family can go here together and all wear yukata together! 😀

Osaka Aquarium (海遊館)

Going to Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyuukan) was a very good choice! Because it was really-really nice. The building consist of eight floors and it’s located near the sea. In front of the aquarium there is a very big ferris wheel 😀

The huge aquarium building :)

The huge aquarium building 🙂

gigantic ferris wheel :)

gigantic ferris wheel 🙂

At first we went up to the top and we saw the exhibits while going down. The theme of all of the exhibits was about animals (marine animal mostly), generally ecosystems around the Ring of Fire (Circum Pacific).

At first you’d be greeted by wonderful rainforest! Going down you would meet many animals from the pole, from seal until penguins.





Mr. Penguins!

Mr. Penguins!

But the most magnificent part for me was three-storied sharks aquarium! 9 meters deep and 5400 tons of water inside  >.< they had two whale shark, very cute 🙂 they also had troops of hammer head shark, tiger shark, and any shark, you name it 🙂 They also had the ugly sun fish (like what i’ve saw in Yokohama Aquarium.

cute whale shark!

cute whale shark!

The japanese crabs was also astonishing, they were enormous! And there was also a very good collections of jelly fishes 🙂

spider crab!

spider crab!

magnificent jelly fish!

magnificent jelly fish!

if you are interested of going to Osaka Aquarium please visit this page

Traditional Osaka Okonomiyaki Eating Experiences!

Osaka is famous for its Okonomiyaki, and we had the opportunities to taste one of its finest! Luckily it’s located just behind our hotel at Umeda Sky Building (our hotel was the Westin Osaka, near Osaka Station)



The place was really comfortable and homey and it was really delicious. Although we had to queue for about 1 hour, the taste of the food plus the atmosphere really paid that all off! In this restaurant the owner cooked by himself for us. The place was small but homey; the wall is covered with photographs from customer all over the world and the smell of sizzling okonomiyaki was really irresistible!

inner interior of Kiji :)

inner interior of Kiji 🙂

putting my own name card :D

putting my own name card 😀

We ordered okonomiyaki and yakisoba. You can decide by yourself what to put inside, from seafood until chicken, beef, and pork 🙂

hurry eat it while its hot!

hurry eat it while its hot!




Second time to Nara, I was happy with all of the deers however we met one crazy deers that ate my plastic bags (and maybe if i did not react fast enough, my hand).

Dad, Mom and Daibutsu..

Dad, Mom and Daibutsu..

Deers! (but not the crazy one)

Deers! (but not the crazy one)



Kyoto, Kiyomizudera

Because we only had half day in Kyoto, we decided to visit Kiyomizudera. It was still as charming as my first visit 5 years ago 🙂

Kyoto Bus!

Kyoto Bus!

Red :)

Red 🙂

Mommy Daddy!

Mommy Daddy!

overlooking the city of Kyoto!

overlooking the city of Kyoto!

tranquil :)

tranquil 🙂

Ok, maybe that’s all for now, and i will post later for our experience at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea!

See you guys! (and i’m missing Japan like crazy >.<)


Afifa Ayu Koesoema


Summer Short Trip : Kobe and Nara with Dad Part 1

Hello all! Happy sunday!


Another late post, let’s write! So, 2 weeks ago my Dad came to Japan for business. But he had some day off, and we decided to go to Kobe and Nara, we arrived at Osaka, stay at Kobe and go to Nara. Actually it was a mistake because Osaka is located between Kobe and Nara, so we should actually stay in Osaka that’s located in the middle. But whatever~ As long as we have fun! 🙂

So at first we went to Osaka by night bus, still using Willer Express, but this time i have made sure that the bus will not be as disastrous as my last experience. We got bus with toilet, and reclining sit, and it was really a  willer express bus (the pink bus with a big willer express logo on it).

This time i chose Shinagawa Station as the alighting point. And i really recommend this alighting point because it’s much easier to find than the Shinjuku part. It was at Bus Stop Number 5 on Konan Exit.

the bus the real bus :D

the bus the real bus 😀

And, the seat was also really comfortable, especially comparing to the last bus that i’ve took. this one had more reclining angle, had pillow, had blanket, and some kind of a hood that can be used to hide your face. And best of all, it was all pink! 🙂

quite comfortable :)

quite comfortable 🙂

And finally we arrived at Osaka Station, Shibashi Exit, earlier than the schedule. After buying JR West Pass for my Dad and buying some breakfast (it was easy though, the staff can speak english, but don’t forget to have your passport and visa ready!^^) we went directly to Kobe.

Our hotel was Kobe Bay Sheraton, and it was located inside a man made island called Rokko Island, so actually it was quite far from the mainland and the city center. However, it was not inconvenient because they have a commuter line that connects all the place in Rokko Island with mainland Kobe named Rokko Liner.

For Rokko Liner, PASMO cannot be used. So we could buy ticket everytime or if your hotel is at Rokko Island probably buying pass for several rides at once will be more convenient.

Since we arrived at only 9.30 AM, the room was not ready yet. But fortunately we could have some breakfast on the hotel’s gorgeous 19th floor lounge. The view was wonderful and i ended up eating onigiri from konbini 😀

ulala here we go! Kobe Bay Sheraton :)

ulala here we go! Kobe Bay Sheraton 🙂

nice view from 19th floor lounge :)

nice view from 19th floor lounge 🙂

fusion of lounge and konbini, worth trying!

fusion of lounge and konbini, worth trying!

And the room was ready at around 10.45 AM and what fascinated me was the toiletries provided. they even gave a yuzu lipbalm!

relaxing :)

relaxing 🙂

excellent toiletries :D

excellent toiletries 😀

First destination was Nara! This hotel location was really convenient it was just outside the Rokko Liner Island Center Station. Then we went to Nara from that Station. I recommend to take the JR Lines instead of Hanshin Main Line especially when you had JR West Pass. Basically you  just have to go to Osaka and from Osaka find any JR train that go to Nara Station, it was longer but it reduce the complication, a lot!

Hanshin Main Line was less preferable because the route is complicated, not well equipped with English or even information in hiragana~ and well, Hanshin is a different company from JR, so remember your JR West Pass, will not be eligible to be used!

Island Center Rokko Liner Station

Island Center Rokko Liner Station

view from the first car of Rokko Liner

view from the first car of Rokko Liner

Dad inside the Rokko Liner

Dad inside the Rokko Liner

on our way to Nara :)

on our way to Nara 🙂

Arriving at Nara, first we ate lunch. We chose to eat a set menu named Mayou in one of restaurant near the station. Mayou main highlight is probably the grilled beef in butter it was really delicious. And it cost only 2000 Yen, unbelievable.

Mayou DIsh!

Mayou DIsh!

Beef and butter :)

Beef and butter 🙂

Melon Ice Cream that looks like a Watermelon :p

Melon Ice Cream that looks like a Watermelon :p

After the lunch, we went around Nara Park. Basically all of the famous tourist attraction in Nara is located inside the park. It took almost 3 hours to take a look of everything by walking. But, like the most famous one the Daibutsu from Todai-ji Temple is only about 20 minutes walking from Kintetsu Nara Station.

Along the way you could just play with deers! They were actually quite tame and quiet but when you got the deer food they will be a bit aggressive. So maybe taking photos with them is already enough rather than ended up being caught by the deer if you try to feed them 😀



tame and nice and quiet (if you don't bring food)

tame and nice and quiet (if you don’t bring food)

After that, we saw the Daibutsu, the entrance ticket was 500 Yen for Adult. This Daibutsu height was 15 meter and it was inside a massive huge building. It was really breathtaking. My Dad said the building was really designed to contain something highly respectable, like this Buddha, as their God. If we look carefully, the height of the pillar on the left and right side of the building were increasing until it reach the point that’s just next to the main building, so you can feel that the building is being ‘lift-up to heaven’.

front gate of Todaiji Temple

front gate of Todaiji Temple

'lift-up-to-the-sky' building

‘lift-up-to-the-sky’ building

Dad :)

Dad 🙂

15 M Daibutsu

15 M Daibutsu

Daibutsu and another statue almost as big as the Daibutsu

Daibutsu and another statue almost as big as the Daibutsu

Dad and Daibutsu :)

Dad and Daibutsu 🙂


Around the Daibutsu there were so many souvenir shops, you can shop for omiyage there. They have everything, from deer doll, books related to Daibutsu, sweets, snacks, just everything 🙂


And anyway maybe that’s all from now, please wait for the second part of my trip to Kobe and Nara! This includes the wonderful experience of Kobe Beef Dining!~


Catch you guys, later 🙂


Afifa Ayu Koesoema