Food Review : 100 Spoons Futakotamagawa

Hello everyone, I hope you have good weekend!

This weekend, I went to a new restaurant in Futakotamagawa (located close to the 109 Cinemas) called 100 Spoons (100本のスプーン).

You can see the detailed explanation of this restaurant in their official website here.

What made me interested with this restaurant is actually their unique menu which is called “Little big plates”


Little big plates

Yes, as depicted by its name this dish contain of mini dishes (in total 10 dishes mixed) from appetizer until dessert. The price is 1980 JPY.  Let me explain about the content one by one (please note that the content might change due to the season, this version is Autumn-Winter 2018 version)


  • Shrimp bisque and french bread rolls (shrimp bisque tastes nice, although the bread roll is a little hard it will be better if you dunk it inside the bisque)
  • Stir-fry fusilli with green veggies (it is a little bit bland to be honest)
  • Marinated salmon and potato salad (very refreshing!)
  • Garden salad with balsamic vinegar and parmesan (standard)
  • Mushroom bruschetta (standard)

Main dish

  • Fried-potato (as a potato lover, this disappointed me a lot 😦 I understand that they make their own fried-potato (not a frozen-package) but they just did not fry it well. It is not cruncy and very dry, and lack of salt)
  • Hamburg Steak with Demi Glace Sauce (it is located in a little teppan, covered in foil. To be honest it tasted really really good! The steak was chewy and demi glace sauce tastes very rich. There is also moisture inside because I think they combined the cooking technique with steaming!)
  • Chicken curry with rice (standard)


  • (they said it is) Tiramisu (i really do not know what cake it is. Yes it got a little bit of dash of mascarpone and coffee powder on top, but also with berry sauce and berry chunks? Maybe this is meant to be a berry tiramisu, but i really still like the classical tiramisu better)


Well, it looks like a lot of food, but actually it is not. Especially when you are sharing. We also ordered Hamburg Steak with Gravy which also tasted excellent.

So, tips from me if you go here : do order only their beef-related dishes since they are excellent!


Another thing which is cute about this restaurant is they provide coloring paper in the first page of menu book and colored pencil, so me and my boyfriend went crazy coloring! 🙂

Also, they have relaxing atmosphere and open-kitchen with friendly chefs that will smile when you take their photo!


So I guess, I will visit again sometimes if I go to Futakotamagawa.


That’s it for tonight guys!


With loads of love,





a day off of PhD Students : Aobadai Review

Happy weekend! It is Satuday night here.

Saturday is always my no-academic and no-experiment day. I always spend it together with my bf (since he always work on Sunday, and I will do experiment also on Sunday).

A typical day off for two PhD students will be generally simple! We will either sing or play violin and he would accompany me record music video. Or, we would be out eating or he would accompany me shopping.

So let me tell you one by one.

[Outfit of the day]

One of the most important thing is outfit of the day. Although we don’t usually go really far but I will dress up, still! Today is really hot so I dress up like this!


pink sunnies from Paris van Java, Bandung, Indonesia; basic black tops and kilted mini skirt from Topshop; a shocking pink Harrods bag; and platform Converse shoes.

I don’t have my bf ootd. He is just a normal boy, does not care much about fashion. lol.

Anyway, today we tried new restaurant and new menu!

[T’s Kitchen Steak : Aobadai]


This restaurant is located just around 3 minutes walk from Aobadai Station (walking out from the west exit towards Aobadai Tokyu Square). We always passed this restaurant everytime we go to Jonathan’s Aobadai. Just like the name, the restaurant specialized only on steak. The restaurant is quite small (only 9 seatings in a counter setting). But the food is delicious and fresh! We ordered the lunch set steak that already includes rice, salad, and miso shiru! (1280 JPY for ladies size 120 gr and 1680 JPY for men’s size 140 gr). They served salt, pepper, shoyu sauce, and mustard for seasoning.

One interesting thing we learned today that the black round block is actually a heating block. The steak will be served in medium rare, so if you want to make it well done, you can just press and grill your steak on the block!


[Ueshima Coffee-ten Aobadai Shop]

It is definitely not my first time to go to this coffee shop but today I finally tried out the summer menu, kakigori (かき氷 Japanese shaved ice dessert). It comes in two flavor, strawberry and kuromitsu-houjicha (Japanese sugar and tea).


Of course, I asked for the strawberry flavor, lol.


What can I say about this? It is a perfect combination of finely shaved ice with strawberry sauce and chunked strawberry. It is combined with condensed milk and ice-cream on top! 🙂 Perfect for the hot summer day!

Caution, it looks small but actually it is quite big ^^ We had hard time to finish everything :p Next week, I would probably try the other flavor.


So that’s it for my review this week! 🙂

For those living in Japan, stay hydrated and safe from the scorching heat!


Love :*





missbunny’s cooking time 1 : Gyūdon 牛丼

Hello! ♡

Back with me! Right now actually I’m enjoying my (super late) summer holiday here in Indonesia. I guess it’s autumn already actually in Japan, but anyway, this summer holiday is just full of food~

I guess I will write some new restaurant review as well later on.

However, today I will share a recipe in this blog! Well not only the recipe! Actually I am making my first…. COOKING VIDEO! Yay!



*so, yes, I like cooking and it’s actually really fun to share how to cook delicious food in a simple way*


My first time is a very easy and simple Japanese food called… Gyūdon (牛丼), beef over rice bowl. This is a very famous Japanese food, if you are living in Indonesia maybe you can easily find this food in Yoshinoya. But since this food is simple but very fulfilling and delicious, why don’t we try to make it by myself? *wink



SO LET’S GET STARTED!! (thanks Mom for lending the kitchen, lol)


This is the video…



  • Sliced beef
  • 1 small onion (chopped)
  • Dashi (fish broth) : you can make it by boiling 120 mL of water with dashi no moto powder
  • Japanese soy sauce (Kikkoman)
  • 2 tbsp of sugar
  • Green onion/leek (chopped)



  • Brings dashi mixture to boil over medium heat and add Kikkoman and sugar
  • Soften the onion by putting it inside the dashi soup mixture, cover the lid while waiting to prevent evaporation of the soup
  • Once it’s soften, put sliced beef one by one
  • Make sure everything is evenly cooked
  • Serve over warm rice with chopped leek and warm miso soup!


Simple isn’t it? Anyway, I hope that I can be consistent in making this cooking video!



With loads of love ♡



Afifa Ayu Koesoema



Daily Kawaii Review : Hands Cafe Chuorinkan

Hello! Back with me!

Writing again in the train after finishing the whole day doing enzyme structure refinement training, I guess I can do this, posting one blogpost every week J


Differs from the last topic which tends to deal with my inner struggle, this post is really light. Yes, I will only talk about a cute café near my place, Hands Café Chuo Rinkan.

Access : 2nd floor Etomo Shopping Mall, just outside Chuorinkan Station in the terminus of Tokyu Denentoshi Line

Price : 1500-2500 yen for one meal with drink, moderate for café type in Tokyo

Reservation : cannot be made

Website : https://www.handscafe.jp/chuorinkan/


What’s special about this cafe?


In normal day this café is just another western-style type of café, but once every one or two months this café has a collaboration with some cartoon character or set a certain theme to make a thematic café. I went to this café twice already during a collaboration with capybara-san character and Korilakkuma (a minor character in Rilakkuma series). Let me tell you about the story in detail!


Capybara Café

Period : April 2017

This visit was random and I did not even know that capybara exist in this world. So, if you guys also don’t know what capybara is, capybara is a kind of rodent (larger type compared to rabbit) ^^


During this time, the whole café was decorated with capybara plushy, you will get one or two dolls in each table. Really, at first I thought it was a cat (blame the shape of the mouth, lol). And the shape of some of the plushy resembles rat in my opinion, but it’s cute, anyway.

Food was also decorated with capybara theme, but it is also possible in that time to order the normal café menu. I ordered beef stew with omu-rice (omelette rice, rice covered with thin slice of fried egg) which tasted really good. I really like the mash and hash-brown potato served on side.



Korilakkuma Meets Chairoikoguma Cafe

Period : June 2017

So who are these bears? They are rilakkuma’s friends, lol. And why do they have the similar name as Rilakkuma?


Ko (小) in Japanese means small and indeed korilakkuma (the white bear with pink outifit is small and cute). While chairo (茶色) in Japanese means brown, indeed the other bear is dark brown and I think probably still smaller than Rilakkuma. So that’s the origin of their name, I guess. Don’t ask me about more detail, I know nothing about rilakkuma’s story line.

Differs from the previous visit, this visit was planned with my best friend and I was able to do more makeup and styling to match the atmosphere of the café.

Compared to capybara café, I think that this theme is more popular, since I think every Japanese knows who rilakkuma is.

That time me and my best friend decided to order one main course and one dessert.



Main course (right side)  : チャイロイコグマのがお〜!てりやきチキンバーガープレート(Chairoikoguma’s face shaped teriyaki chicken burger plate)

Dessert (left side) : なかよしストロベリーマウンテンパンケーキ (strawberry mountain pancake)


It was very nicely decorated and cute. Unfortunately, the main course did not taste as nice as the capybara’s menu.The chicken burger tastes a bit bland, and it really has a small piece of chicken >.<

It’s just full of vegetables only (maybe it’s designed for those petite Japanese girls, not for a meat-lover like me)

Ah, and I think for this theme they have more varieties of cute drink as well. We had fun doing our routines as well (dress up, eating small portion in a cute café, acting like a cute Japanese girls) but ended up eating again afterwards, as always.




So, that’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoy reading this post ^^

And if you visit Japan don’t forget to visit thematic café like this, since it is so cute! (although it may not have the best food taste). I will keep you updated more about daily kawaii things and restaurant near where I live! See you!



xoxo, with love




Afifa Ayu Koesoema




My Indonesia Spring Holiday : My Food Diary <3

Hello everyone! How are you?

I hope that you’re all having a good Saturday night! After a week full of sakura beauty, lately it has been a bit cold in Yokohama and its surroundings (and it even snowed one day!). But I believe, the real spring will come soon!

So i got a chance to go back to Bandung, Indonesia, my lovely hometown for 3 weeks! And in this post I will tell about my food diary during my spring holiday! So, if you go to Bandung someday, you’ll already have some food reference!

To be honest, I’m not good at cooking Indonesian food. So while I was in Indonesia, I had a feast!

#1 Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) and Oxtail Soup (Sup Buntut) from Le Meridien Jakarta

Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

Oxtail Soup (Sup Buntut)

Oxtail Soup (Sup Buntut)

Ok, it’s from fancy French hotel but I still think that’s these foods are delicious! The oxtail soup is served with poached egg and boiled potato, so nice!

#2 Padang Food, Rumah Makan Padang Sederhana KM 19 Cikampek Toll Road

Padang Food

Padang Food

The characteristic of a Padang Restaurant is its variety of cuisine with its super rich taste! The most typical one would be Rendang (spicy meat dish), and Ayam Pop (Padang style juicy fried chicken). And the waiters in Padang Restaurant are capable of carrying so many plates on their hand!

#3 Chicken Porridge, Bubur Ayam Kepatihan

Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam)

Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam)

My most favorite is Bubur Ayam Kepatihan. The porridge are generously Unlike other bubur ayam, they don’ serve the bubur ayam with a lot of prawn crackers, but trust me it’s delicious as it is!

#4 Kedai Lingling : Ramen Bar and Dessert

Kedai Ling Ling Dishes!

Kedai Ling Ling Dishes!

Although I’m living in Japan, I still love Kedai Lingling so much! It was originally a small Takoyaki Bar but now becoming sort of like a big restaurant. I really love Kedai Lingling’s Ramen, because it was so spicy and milky as well! Also, please don’t forget to taste its dessert menu~ It’s a combination of Japanese and Taiwanese dessert.

#5 Sundanese Food : Rumah Makan Sambel Hejo, Jalan Natuna Bandung

Fried Chicken and everything yummy!

Fried Chicken and everything yummy!

This is one of my most favorite Sundanese cuisine. The typical menu consist of fried chicken, fried tofu and tempeh, steamed tofu, steamed prawn (pepes tahu and pepes udang), and Sambel Hejo. Sambel means Chilli Sauce, and Hejo means green, because the signature Chilli Sauce used in this restaurant is made from hot green chilli. Another signature dish of Sambel Hejo is Cimplung, deep fried steamed cassava. Taste heavenly!

#6 Tahu Goreng Seuhah, Hot Fried Tofu from Java Preanger Coffee House

Tahu Goreng Seuhah

Tahu Goreng Seuhah

Tahu Goreng means Fried Tofu, and Seuhah is a Indonesian (or mainly Sundanese) saying when  when you’re eating something too hot and spicy. The tofu was battered with flour and stir fried with red chilli and other ingredients. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find this dishes again because the cafe is closing down. But, Tahu Goreng Seuhah will always be my favorite snack ever! 😦

#7 Kopi Scooter, a touch of Singaporean / Malaysian Food in town

Kwetiaw Goreng Ayam and Milo Dinosaurus!

Kwetiaw Goreng Ayam and Milo Dinosaurus!

Craving for Malaysian or Singaporean taste? My recommendation is Kedai Kopi Scooter, located at Jalan Riau Bandung. They had the best Dimsum in Bandung (IMO) and their fried kwetiaw is the best!

#8 Cuanki Serayu, Nicest snack for your Rainy Day

Cuanki Serayu

Cuanki Serayu

Cuanki is a traditional dish from Bandung. It consists of meatball, steamed tofu, fried fish cake, and sometimes served with instant noodle. The most famous Cuanki in Bandung is Cuanki Serayu, located in Jalan Serayu Bandung, it’s really suitable for rainy days!

#9 Sate Kambing Hadori : The Best Lamb Satay in Town!

Sate Kambing  Hadori

Sate Kambing Hadori

My most favorite Lamb Satay in town is Sate Kambing Hadori or HM Haris, located in Simpang Lima Bandung. The lamb meat is so juicy and sweet! You can enjoy this dish with its signature peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and sliced of fresh vegetables like tomato and onion.

#10 Corn in a Cob and Bajigur : Taman Hutan Raya Juanda

Corn in a Cob & Bajigur

Corn in a Cob & Bajigur

Corn in a Cob plus Bajigur, a traditional hot drink made of coconut milk and Aren Sugar (Palm Sugar), is a very nice treat after a walk along Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, Bandung very own conservation nature park. The corn in a cob is seasoned with spicy, sweet, and salty sauce, really delicious!

#11 Sapu Lidi : Have your Sundanese Cuisine with a Special View

Sundanese Cuisine!

Sundanese Cuisine!

This restaurant located in a mountainous area near Bandung and it’s very famous for its Sundanese Food. You can enjoy the food in a saung (traditional small hut) surrounded by a real sawah (paddy field)! You can also try the way of Indonesian eats, lesehan (while sitting on the floor) using hand, not spoon and fork or chopstick! The dishes shown in this picture is fried nila fish, chicken satay, and karedok (Sundanese style raw vegetable salad with peanut sauce)

#12 Baso Soun Lodaya : the best meatball in town!

Baso Soun and Es Selalu Dipesan!

Baso Soun and Es Selalu Dipesan!

This is my favorite meatball in town, it’s located in Jalan Veteran Bandung. Baso So’un means meatball with So’un (cellophane noodles). The soup is very fresh and clear, also, in addition of meatball they also give you fried tofu and diced meat. You can enjoy this special meatball with Es Selalu Dipesan which actually is a crushed ice with coconut milk, condensed milk, sliced of breads, and sliced coconut!

#13 Batagor : Bakso Tahu Goreng



Batagor stands for Bakso Tahu Goreng and it is a fried fish dumplings and fried tofu dumplings served with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. My recommendation for a good Batagor place is Batagor Alex, located in Setrasari Mall Bandung. An un-fried version (only steamed) of Batagor is usually called baso tahu.

#14 Gurame Goreng : the Ultimate Sundanese Cuisine!

Fried Gurame!

Fried Gurame!

Gurami or gurame is a fresh-water fish commonly used in Sundanese Cuisine! The best serving of Gurame is when its perfectly deep-fried. You can enjoy this crunchy fried fish with sambal, chilli sauce and karedok. The best place to enjoy Gurame Goreng in Bandung is Sedep Malem Restaurant, located at Jalan Burangrang.

So friends, don’t forget to try all of these delicious foods when you visit Indonesia, especially Bandung!

with loads of love!

Afifa Ayu Koesoema