秋冬ルックブック 1


今回は秋冬バーシオンの1番目です!一つのルックブックは9ガールアイテム(洋服、メイク、スタイリング や 商品)を紹介したいだと思います。私のスタイルは人可愛いかな〜 早速始めたいだと思います!

Hello! I will start to write posts with a look-book kind of theme for now!

This time is my first Autumn-Winter Version. In every post, I would like to introduce 9 girly items (either it will be fashion coordinate, makeup, styling, or other stuff).

All of the things posted here are my daily style, you can call it “otona kawaii”  trying to look cute but still professional?  (..◜ᴗ◝..) OK let’s begin!



First, autumn solo trip coordinate! I used this coordinate for my solo trip to Shikoku!


👚:MISSSWEETS、 https://missweets.com/ 安くて、可愛い青色です!Blouse from Japanese online fashion website MISSSWEETS, the blue color is cute!

👗:ハニーズ、何年間も持ってとても便利なチェックスカートです!長さも結構あるから、ストキングは不要です。Skirt from Honeys, I have used this checked skirt for so many years, it is so versatile!

カチューシャ:3 COINS、 とてもおすすめです、長い時間使っても苦しくない!

Headband from 3 COINS, it doesn’t hurt your head when worn for a long time!

👢:ベルベットレースアップブーツ ヌオーヴォ(キッズ)、サイズ21-22ですから、大人のブーツは買えないことが多い ๐·°(৹˃ᗝ˂৹)°·๐

My boot is from Nuovo Kids (ABC Mart), since my feet are a bit small I rarely buy adult shoes.

二つ目一パリシアンかな ( ¯ ¯ )


Second, am (trying to be a Parisian), since that time my haircut was also a French Bob. 


👗:NICE CLAUP OUTLET、普通のNICE CLAUP より値段が低い!可愛いワンピースですよ、後ろにも大きなリボンがつけてあります。The one-piece is from NICE CLAUP OUTLET, it is cheap, cute and has a ribbon on the back


I have had this headband since forever, I used it a lot for music performance in the past.

3つ目一大人らしいのセットアップ °˖✧◝(⁰⁰)◜✧˖°


The third is this houndstooth blazer and mini skirt set, I think I can even use it to go to a conference!


ジャケットセットアップ:MAJESTIC LEGON 2021 AW Collection, 千鳥格子パータンのものがあまり持ってなくてから嬉しい!

The set is from one of my favorite brands, MAJESTIC LEGON, I am happy since I did not really have stuff with houndstooth patterns before

👢:ヴェリココ、https://search-voi.0101.co.jp/shop/velikoko/ このブランドはサイズ19.5-27 までの靴が売っています!

Ankle boots from Velicoco, a shoe store that sells sizes from 19.5 to 27.0, are definitely my lifesaver!

4つ目一やっと高校生になった! (୨୧ᵕ̤ᴗᵕ̤)


Fourth: Finally, I am able to wear a school uniform, lol. I did not wear a high school uniform when I did student exchange before, so now I am so happy to wear this!


セットアップ: またMISSSWEETS、 https://missweets.com/

カチューシャ:また3 COINS!

Setup and headband from Miss Sweets and 3 Coins again, respectively.

ローファーシューズ:夢展望、たまにこのロリータ系のウエブサイトが21.5のサイズがあって!I bought the shoes from Yume tenbou online shop, they basically have stuff for Lolita cosplay and other cute stuff, and sometimes they sell shoes in small sizes like 21.5!

5つ目一Lady のセットアップかな〜 (⑅•ᴗ•⑅)


Fifth, I want to look like a lady ♥ So wear something simple and elegant!

Lady のセットアップ

セットアップ: またMAJESTIC LEGON、これが2020AW Collection です。


I got the set-up and pumps again from MAJESTIC LEGON and Yumetenbou. I really like the light pink color of the pumps!

スカーフ:AG by aquagirl、本当にフェミニンの色組み合わせです!

The scarf is from AG by aqua girl, I really like the feminine color combination ♡

6つ目一デートの雰囲気〜 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡


Sixth: date mode, so I shall be a princess in front of him ♡♡♡♡


👚: またMAJESTIC LEGON、本当はカーディガンです 笑

長いイヤリング:また3 COINS 笑

The blouse and long earring are again from MAJESTIC LEGON and 3COINS, I am kinda obsessed with these 2 brands, I guess?

花柄スカート👗: JILL by Jill Stuart、本当に美しいエレガントの花柄です、JILL ですからやっぱり上品ですね。

The flower pattern skirt is from JILL by Jill Stuart, I really love it since it looks really elegant~ as expected from JILL!

ミニカバン:MIMIRIE https://www.mimirie.shop/ このお店は本当に可愛いものがいっぱいあります!カバンも大きなリボンとパールがついていますからデートはぴったりです!

Bag from MIMIRIE, they really have lots of cute stuff!! I really recommend this website! The bag is really small though, I cannot even put my wallet inside actually. But it is really elegant with the pearl and big ribbon!



This is my nail with the Kuromi-chan theme! Matte-finish always looks elegant! I really like the detail and the cute little skull ♡



Cosmetic haul ♡


ディオールフォーエヴァー アンダーカバー020 ライトベージュと



Dior Forever Undercover Shade 020 (Light Beige) and Chanel Ultra Le Teint Compact Shade B30 – although both of them are foundations, I use the Dior one to cover my undereye part and the Chanel one for the whole face. If I am lazy to do makeup, I will use only the Chanel one directly after moisturizer, so I always bring this one everywhere also for a touch-up.

I really love the flawless look that they made.

ディオールアディクト リップ グロウ オイル006ベリー冬だからリップが乾燥してしまいました人たちにこの商品がおすすめです!

And the Dior Lip Glow Oil Shade 006 (Berry) is really good to fight winter dryness. Using this or the Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm I officially declare goodbye to chapped lips this winter! ⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝♡︎



サマンタタバサペチチョイスの財布とMaison de Fleurのポーチですね!色がとてもぴったりです!ピンクとラベンダーの間ぐらい?財布の方もラメが付いていて、とても上品です!

At last, I bought Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice wallet and a new big Maison de Fleur pouch (with its signature ribbon). Their colors are really nice, maybe somewhere between pink and lavender? The wallet also has glitter finishing, so it really looks elegant ♡♡♡



So that’s all for my first lookbook!

I hope I can share more later because I really love fashion and styling! ♡♡♡

Afifa アフィファ











学会はインドネシアのSultan Agung Tirtayasa大学を誘っていただいた、30分の口頭発表でした。今回ははじめて招待講演者として誘っていただいたから、とても感動しました、絶対いい発表をしなければならなかったって思っています。




一所懸命よくわからないことを説明する 笑





今回のN2も合格かどうかもわからないです 笑。漢字覚えるのは私が遅いし、漢字がわからないせいで読解の方がすごく時間かかりました。少しずつですね!このブロッグ書き練習も漢字を書きながら少しずつ覚えることができるだと思います。私の夢は日本の大学に本当の教師になります。本当に日本語で教室の中に教えたいから、日本語が重要です。それから、もし急に企業の仕事を変更したいと、N1持ちますと安全です。せっかく日本に8年住んでいますがN1をとらないともったいないでしょう。








このぐらいなら明るいかな〜 もっとevilの感じがするかも



















Afifa and Fluffy-chan

Update: My first baby publication!

Hello there,

Almost exactly a year after I have posted in this blog. Things have been pretty busy from Russia (September 2018) until now.

But for now, things are getting (a little bit) calmer. Especially after I have published my first paper entitled Structural basis for a highly (S)-enantioselective reductase towards aliphatic ketones with only one carbon difference between side chain in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.


You can visit and download it from the journal home-page here if your institution has a subscription.

If you do not have access, please look at this view-only version kindly provided by Shared It functions of Springer Nature.



So what had happened in between October 2018 and now?

So basically, after Russia, I went back to Japan and was busy trying to help my Sensei in organizing our conference. It was a wrap as my first oral presentation at an international conference.

The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan
The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan (the student committee head is sitting on the left, lol)

Answering question from Professor Harald Gröger ❤

I was also able to deposit my protein crystal structure in the Protein Data Bank. Thank you Professor Toshiya and Miki Senda, finally we did it!

My last day in Tsukuba!

After that, I went to a two months internship at Professor Daron M. Standley laboratory in BIKEN Osaka University to study about docking simulation and a little bit of molecular dynamics simulation. It was a very nice break!

My last day at Osaka University!

After that, I came back to Tokyo to focus on writing on my publication. To make a very long and “interesting” story very short, I am here right now. Successfully publishing one paper and having my protein structure deposited in PDB. Alhamdulillah.

I am thankful to God that although I shattered pretty bad, but I was able to recollect myself. I am thankful to God that He has given me the power of not giving up.


So what’s for now, bunny?

Currently, I am waiting for the review of another original article, and just waiting for the timing to submit two other original articles.

To make again a very long story short, I have decided to extend my study period until March 2020. I am still working on a book chapter, a mini-review as well as my thesis. Meanwhile, as a research assistant, I have a collaboration project that I need to do. Not to forget about the job-hunting! Seems like it is going to be a busy last semester.


With love,


Afifa Ayu Koesoema




The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan

Hello everyone!


I am writing this post from my dorm room in… Russia! Yes it has been such a lovely days here in Moscow State University! I am quite happy since  I am the only non-Japanese representative for this program this year, so happy !

So let’s put Russia aside for a while. In this post I would like to talk about the conference that my laboratory will arrange this December.


Yes, Matsuda Laboratory is arranging The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan at December 12-13, in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Suzukakedai Campus! You can go to the official website here.




So since I would like to promote this symposium, I would like to list up why you should attend this symposium :


  1. Great invited speakers from academia and industry

We have a great line up from academia and industry; from Japan and beyond.

From academia we have Professor Harald Gröger from Bielefeld University for a bit of touch of chemo-enzymatic processes, Professor Zhi Li from National University of Singapore bringing you latest update of his cascade reaction study, and Professor Kazlauskas from University of Minnesota, of course known for his Kazlauskas rule and lipase!

We also proudly present to you one of the best from Japan, Professor Ikuro Abe from Tokyo University with his polyketide synthase study. From industry, we have two speakers (up to now) from Codexis and Pfizer!


  1. Official language is English

Whether you are a Japanese trying to brush-up your English or you are a non-Japanese student looking for English-friendly conference : this symposium is a great choice! We try our best to make the official language of the conference English and encourage participant to make their abstract, and do their talk or poster in English, also engage in discussion in English.

Our committee also consists of many international students with some of them speaking both English and Japanese, so you will definitely not feel lost!


  1. The credibility of this symposium, of course

This symposium is one in the series of annual symposium by Society of Biocatalysis Japan. Although small, this society is solid and consists of all experts in biocatalysis field in Japan (proud to say, my supervisor as well).

In addition to that, we are also supported by many other scientific societies in Japan, such as The Chemical Society of Japan.


  1. Warm atmosphere of this symposium

Yeah, based on my own experience this conference always have very warm atmosphere that foster fruitful discussions and further collaborations. Although you might be new in this society, don’t worry! You will end up with many new friends and connections afterwards!



So yes, if your research is related into biocatalysis; whether it is more in the chemical side or biology side you are very welcome to register for this symposium!


Registration for participant will end at October 5, 2018 and you can register here.

If you would like to present the early bird registration will end at October 5 and as a student you can only register with only 2000 JPY! If you just want to participate, the participation registration will end at November 9.

So, we are looking forward for your participation in The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan!!! 待ってますね!





Afifa Ayu Koesoema